Organic Supplements

pilates kent I firmly believe in the health benefits of a good diet, but it is possible to enhance your health or take steps to remedy or alleviate certain ailments through the use of organic supplements.

I use and shamelessly promote Nature's Sunshine products - probably the world's highest quality supplier of herbs and natural medicinal products.

Because of over farming and the use of pesticides and fertilizers, many soil nutrients have been depleted and taking supplements can restore the natural balance.

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Nutrition & Weight management

Without dieting, I can devise a healthy alternative to the modern processed foods and you will feel revitalized, healthier with more energy and at the same time shedding inches and pounds.


A delicious antioxidant-rich fruit drink, charge with nutritious fruits and herbal extracts. Helps neutralise free radicals, has anti-ageing benefits and increases vital energy - without any artificial components.

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